What Lights You Up?

Welcome, Beautiful Being of Light!

I greet you in this way because I often ask, “What lights you up?” and find it fascinating to hear the various responses.

Even the most connected among us find it hard see that the light within ourselves is the source that truly ignites our soul.

After all, why would we choose to believe this when we have been told our entire lives that we are not special? Perhaps you’ve been conditioned to believe far worse about yourself.

Who told you that you were not as great as the moon and the stars and the sky?

More importantly, why did you choose to believe them?

My friends, this life is all about choices.

You may have come to understand that you didn’t choose your family.

Yet, what if you DID? What if you chose them before you even came to be on this earth?

After a lifetime of questioning WHY the people in my life hold the place in my psyche that they do, I came to realize they are all extensions of myself – of my own divine essence.

After a lifetime of wondering WHO would help me to ignite my own internal spark, I came to see that it’s all of them. Every human whom I have ever encountered is here to show me something about myself.

After a lifetime of searching for WHERE the light was, I finally understood that the light couldn’t be found anywhere else but WITHIN.

All of the paths that led you here are as deeply ingrained and relevant as they are not. Let’s take just a moment to honor all of the paths that have led you here, because I deal in truth bombs.

Your well-established belief patterns can be changed. You can also learn how to lead with your conscious mind, fully connected to the rest of you. You will gain an understanding of how your subconscious programming works and learn to leverage it in your favor.

I will be the first to tell you that there is nothing to fix because you are not broken.

It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks about this. It is fact. You are not broken. You are functioning as designed.

The real question is: by whose design are you functioning?

If your answer is anything other than divine source, that’s where this work gets real!

If you don’t believe that you are worthy of everything your heart desires, we should talk.

If you are struggling with relationships in your life, I can guide you to the path of ease.

And if you believe that the path to overcoming all of life’s challenges is paved only with rainbows and happy thoughts, then you may just unknowingly be creating problems for yourself.

It’s all good. We have been conditioned from a young age to buy into the notion that when we arrive at some arbitrary milestone, life will magically get better.  

And if life doesn’t get magically better, we think it’s because we did something wrong.

Perhaps that is all a lie and nothing at all has gone wrong. Coming to this awareness means that you are finally ready to see the truth of who you really are.

We understand that this human experience is temporary, yet so many of us are still keeping ourselves from fully embracing our uniqueness and therefore living our true purpose.

We allow the fear of embarrassment, judgment, ridicule, or failure to keep us from stepping into our own essence and power. 

We hide our desires from everyone, including ourselves, because it’s easier that way. It’s safer that way. Not so risky.

What if you could actually see that the things you thought were real and true turned out to be a mirage?

What if you finally understood the one thing that is keeping you from fully connecting with what really lights you up? Imagine for just a moment how your life could change.

If the Beautiful One is not inside you, then what is that light hidden under your cloak?

Jelaluddin rumi